Club Penguin is shutting down

We all wondered when Club Penguin would shut down and now we are being told that on March 29, 2017 the Club Penguin game will cease to exist. A new game called Club Penguin Island will be released for mobile apps but I don’t know if it will get an army community started like the old game we all know and love. I will leave this site up as a reminder of the great army community we had and hope you will use it as a walk down memory lane some day.

To all that supported this site, my penguin friends, Waddle On and HAPPY SNOWBALLING!!! 😉


Hiring Part-Time

Hello! Although this page is quite dead, I bet a few people visit time to time to see dead armies page or just how nooby some of the posts were. However I would like to hire people to update the pages time-to-time.

Thank you!

Shutting Down

Update 4/18/16 by Jay: We will still do our best to update pages and armies when we find the time but most of us do not have the time anymore. I (Jay) plan to update all the pages over the summer. 

Its been 5 1/2 years since I first started working on this site. I spent a part of my childhood here with the Club Penguin army community but now my childhood is over and I must be moving on. It was great serving all of you with links to CP armies and meeting some of you over the years. I want to thank all who came here to use this site and all that tried to help run it. I just wish I could of found that special person who could take it over and do something with it like I did. I will keep some pages up but there will be no more adding of armies.

Keep waddling along. 😉

Until next time, HAPPY SNOWBALLING!!! 😀

Club Penguin Armies Week in Review

Carson Edit: There might not be a Top 10 or Club Penguin Armies Week in Review next week unless somebody else does it because I’ll be on vacation.

Hey guys,

At the end of every week we will be reviewing some major things that happened in large, medium, and small Club Penguin armies that happened this past week. To see the rest of this post please click the “Continue Reading” button. Continue reading

Top 10 Armies

Each army did great this week and now it is time for our top 10 armies. If you would like to read the rest of this post then click the “Continue Reading” button.

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August 2015 Large army update

Hello my Club Penguin army fans, 🙂

I updated the Large Army Nation page for the month of August. The only thing that may or may not be wrong is the Snow Ninjas chat link. They have 2 different ones and I have not got a clearance as to which is the right one.

Tomorrow I will get the Medium/Small Army Nation page updated.

I hope you have had time to go to some of the tournament battles. They are a lot of fun so far. 😉

Until next time, HAPPY SNOWBALLING!!! 😀

More R.I.P armies

Hello penguin comrades 🙂

As I clean up this site I come across a lot of closed or dead armies. Some recent and some not so recent. I always make a note of any army, small or big, when I see they have expired. Here are some of the army names now going onto the RIP page:

  • (AW) Atlantic Warriors died
  • (BRRACP) Blue Rebel Royals Army of CP died
  • (CPB) CP Buccaneers died
  • (CPCP) The Camo Penguins of CP died
  • (CPFA) CP Federation Army died
  • (CPTW) CP Tiger Warriors merged into Federation Fear Republic
  • (DB) Dark Bandits closed down
  • (DD) Dust Devils of CP died
  • Defenders of CP died
  • (EF) Elite Federals of CP merged into LGA of CP
  • (EM) Element Masters died
  • (FN) Flame Ninjas merged into Red Ninjas of CP
  • (Golds) Golds Army died
  • (GPCP) Guardian Penguins of CP shut down
  • (GT) Golden Troops died
  • (LCP) Cysars Legion of CP died
  • (MW) Metal Warriors died
  • (NSCP) Navy Seals of CP merged into Dark Warriors
  • (NW) Night Warriors died
  • (OWA) The Official Werewolves Army died
  • (PFA) The Penguin Flash Army died
  • (PCP) Protect CP died
  • (Rovers) Rovers of CP merged into Silver Surfers
  • (SR) Striking Raiders closed down
  • (SSA) Sled Strong Army died
  • (SSCP) Secret Spys of CP died
  • (SWAT) Special Weapons And Tactics died
  • (TCP) Troops of Club Penguin died
  • (TD) Tough Ducks died
  • (YSCP) Yellow Soldiers of CP died 

The RIP page list continues to grow year after year. Armies gone but not forgotten. 😦

Until next time, HAPPY SNOWBALLING!!! 😀